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Debt Recovery

You, your business or company may be owed money or goods by another person and want to recover the debt or property. We can advise you as to how best to proceed whether by negotiation, Court or Insolvency proceedings.

We regularly use Mediation to achieve a negotiated settlement but also take court proceedings in the High and County Courts and using various insolvency processes to recover the monies due to you quickly and efficiently.

Claims under £10,000 are known as 'small claims' and you recover or indeed are liable for limited costs whilst Insolvency proceedings often have a limit of £750. We will advise you whether your claim is for £750 or many millions of pounds.

Please contact any of the member of our team;

Michael Toohig, Gary Duke-Cohan, Valda Brooks, Merlene Harrison, Saio Conteh

Or you can call us on 020 7610 4433.