Myers, Fletcher and Gordon Solicitors



Myers, Fletcher & Gordon has a background which is steeped in history, dissecting the international divide and emerging in Jamaica shortly before the start of the Second World War.  

Myers, Fletcher & Gordon was founded in Jamaica in the 1940s and developed into one of the largest commercial law firms in the English speaking Caribbean.  In 1995, Myers, Fletcher & Gordon was established in Hammersmith operating from MFG House, providing high level and high quality commercial legal services to the local, and international communities.  Myers, Fletcher & Gordon (Jamaica) is our sister firm.

Myers, Fletcher & Gordon in its current form is the product of the merger of Myers, Fletcher & Gordon and Myers, Ebner and Deaner in October 2010; the combined firm now practise from MFG House.

Myers, Ebner & Deaner was founded by Ralph J. Myers in Hammersmith in 1931 and expanded progressively within the area over the next 8 decades providing a range of private client, property and commercial legal services.

We believe that our strength in depth is a testament to our history. We are survivors and the legal services we provide to our clients aims to equip them with the tools to win through their legal battles (be it a litigation dispute, a property transaction or the acquisition of a business) so that they too continue to grow successfully.